About Stahl Engineering & Failure Analysis


Stahl Engineering & Failure Analysis, LLC provides specialized forensic engineering and fire investigation analysis consulting services to manufacturers, insurance companies, attorneys, dealers, transportation fleet and other owners, and other parties involved with commercial vehicles and equipment.  

Our engineers have specialized knowledge and experience providing a unique combination of understanding in both the design engineering and operational aspects of commercial vehicles and equipment and an in-depth working knowledge of product failure analysis investigation, claims, and litigation processes.  

Our work is focused on; commercial vehicles (straight trucks, truck tractors, semi-trailers, school buses, commercial buses, step/package vans, and motor homes/RVs powered by diesel, gasoline, natural gas, or hybrid power); truck equipment mounted on truck chassis (dump bodies, cement mixers, aerial platforms, drilling rigs, vacuum  bodies, etc.); heavy mobile equipment (transport and processing equipment used in excavating, mining, construction, agricultural, and other usage); and industrial equipment (stationary processing and transporting machinery).

We have been directly involved in the design, supplier procurement, marketing, specification, multi-stage manufacture, after-market modification, usage, operation, warranty service, preventative maintenance, recall determination and repairs, and failure analysis aspects of commercial vehicle and equipment.  This wide knowledge allows us to understand and appreciate the potential involvement of all aspects of the product cycle on potential product liability in our investigations.

During our decades of experience investigating, reporting and testifying as corporate technical representatives of an OEM truck manufacturer, we have often seen other professionals, without sufficient information and knowledge of the products and systems involved in an accident/fire/incident misinterpret and incorrectly analyze the forensic evidence available.   We have the advantage of extensive product and systems knowledge and experience in conducting our forensic engineering failure analysis and fire investigations to determine the root cause, and to also understand the influence and effects of multiple systems to determine true root cause and influencing factors in commercial vehicles and equipment.
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