Product liability can be complex and it is critical to determine what happened. When you are faced with an allegation of a product need to know why your product failed failed. We can assist in determining if a product failed because it was used improperly, manufactured incorrectly, or was designed defectively. 

Our engineers understand your needs as a manufacturer and we can provide you value. You will find it cost effective to use us. This is because our experience included direct involvement throughout the product life cycle. From design to use.

  • Product Design

  • Supplier Procurement

  • Marketing

  • Specification

  • Multi-Stage Manufacturing

  • Components

  • Component Systems

  • Usage

  • Operation

  • Warranty Service

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • Misuse

  • Recall Determination

  • Recall Repairs

Much of our experience was gained while working for a major heavy equipment manufacturer. We gained invaluable experience. We were involved in how products were designed, manufactured, assembled, marketed, serviced, recalled AND the physics of how the products work. That is the value we provide to you. We bring the additional knowledge of mechanics and expertise of automotive engineers to your case.