Commercial Vehicles

Typical Commercial Vehicle Products include:
  • Straight Trucks – In addition to the common box, dump, or flatbed boy, straight trucks can carry a wide variety of truck equipment including snow plows, tow/recovery bodies, vacuum bodies, cement mixers, aerial platforms, cranes, drilling rigs, etc. The truck body and auxiliary equipment often utilizes and interacts with the truck chassis systems
  • Tractor Semi-Trailers (aka tractor trailers, big rigs, 18 wheelers, highway tractors, etc. - These truck tractors typically pull box/van or flatbed bodied semi-trailers but may also pull multiple trailers, tank trailers, refrigerated trailers, and other specialty semi-trailer applications. Truck tractor semi-trailer issues potentially involve tractor-trailer connections, auxiliary power units, sleeper compartment issues, and cargo securement
  • Buses – School Buses ranging from small cutaway van Type A to Conventional and Transit Types C and D buses, and Commercial Shuttle Bus, Transit Bus, or Coach Bus. Each bus application has specific requirements and specifications unique to the application
  • Stripped Chassis based “step” vans, delivery vans, and package cars
  • Motor Homes/RV’s – are typically built on commercial vehicle chassis (though rarely licensed as a commercial vehicle)