Forensic Engineering Failure Analysis

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Property damage, personal injury / fatalities, and equipment downtime can result from alleged product, system and component failures. Our work utilizes in depth knowledge of the product and systems to accurately perform engineering failure analysis to determine root cause and influencing factors. 
We specialize in commercial vehicles and equipment with direct experience that includes over thirty years of forensic engineering failure analysis, including two decades as engineering failure analysis and corporate technical representatives for a major commercial vehicle manufacturer, and prior/subsequently as independent forensic engineering failure analysis experts. We have investigated, researched, analyzed, reported on, and testified to the origin and cause of a wide range of commercial vehicle and equipment failure analyses, including trucks, tractor-trailers, buses, RVs, and a wide range of equipment including a variety of truck mounted apparatus, construction, agricultural, and other industrial equipment.
Commercial vehicle and equipment failures can result from a multitude of issues associated with mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and/or pneumatic systems and other human and accidental factors with a wide range of root causes. A working knowledge of the systems and components potentially involved in a product failure analysis is necessary to properly analyze potential contributing factors and determine the root cause of an accident, fire, or other possible product failure.  
We have conducted forensic engineering failure analysis investigations dealing with mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and ergonomic systems.  Some representative projects involved allegations of:
  • Collision related steering failures
  • Wheel off incidents involving release of the tire and wheel or the tire / wheel / hub / drum
  • Parking and service brake system
  • Brake and stability (brake, traction, stability, rollover) control systems
  • Fuel system integrity failures in accidents
  • Mechanical failures in suspensions, steering systems, brake systems, power transmission (clutch, transmission, drive shaft, axle)
  • Engine system failures involving fluid loss
  • Entry/egress, step, walkway, hand rail, grab handle, access platform slip/fall, and crush incidents
  • Glass and glazing systems design and construction inadequacy
  • Cab, seat, belting systems design
  • Cargo securement
  • Collision accident reconstruction
  • Materials overload, fatigue, creep, and corrosion failures
These potential failures and fires have resulted from a wide variety of contributing factors including lack of or improper maintenance, usage, or repairs, OEM or supplier product design, manufacture, or assembly defects, after-market modifications.
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