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We specialize in commercial vehicles and equipment with direct experience that includes over twenty years as the primary fire experts and corporate technical representatives for a major commercial vehicle manufacturer, and prior/subsequently as independent fire origin and cause engineering failure analysis experts. 


We have:

  • Investigated 

  • Researched 

  • Analyzed

  • Reported on

  • Testified to

the origin and cause of  a wide range of commercial vehicle and equipment fires, including:

  • Trucks

  • Tractor-trailers

  • Buses

  • RVs

  • Equipment including:

    • Truck Mounted Apparatus

    • Construction

    • Agricultural

    • Industrial Equipment


Commercial vehicle and equipment fires can result from a multitude of issues and a wide range of root causes, associated with:

  • Mechanical

  • Electrical

  • Hydraulic

  • Pneumatic

  • Human and accidental factors


A working knowledge of the systems and components potentially involved in a fire is necessary to properly analyze origin and cause possibilities of any involved product. 


We have investigated fires dealing with: 

  • Potential involvement of vehicles and equipment in structure fires

  • Post-Collision Fuel Fed Fires (PCFFF) with ignition and/or fuel supplied by the subject vehicle or other vehicles or objects

  • Electrical issues involving electrical wiring and components including high voltage hybrid electric drive systems

  • Wheel end and power transmission fires involving brakes (service and parking), bearings, and tires

  • Release of flammable fluids from brake, steering, transmission, fuel, hydraulic, and engine systems

  • Turbocharger and exhaust systems

  • Cargo and auxiliary equipment

  • Cigarettes, candles, reflective lenses, and other miscellaneous accidental causes

  • Arson or other intentional causes


These potential failures and fires have resulted from a wide variety of contributing factors including lack of or improper maintenance, usage, or repairs, OEM or supplier product design, manufacture, or assembly defects, after-market modifications.


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