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COVID-19- Inspection Process Update

We continue to be open for business. We are still answering phones, taking on new projects, attending inspections, providing research and analysis, drafting reports, and providing answers you need.

We have made some changes to how we operate, in order to keep our staff and our clients as safe as possible. We are monitoring the guidelines provided and making changes as follows:

  • New Clients- We are working from our office and continue to open new files, provide necessary inspections, analyze evidence, and write reports. We can discuss your new case needs over the phone or by videoconferencing. You may also click here to send an email with details of your case, and we will get in touch with you.

  • Getting in Touch- Everyone's direct contact info is available on our contact us page. If you are unsure who to speak with about your needs, reach out to me, Elizabeth Collier, and I will direct you to the right person.

  • Conducting Inspections- We are inspecting accident locations, damaged property/vehicles, and evidence as required. For each inspection we are working in accordance with social distancing and hygiene guidelines. This includes joint inspections with other parties involved.

  • Travel- We are currently traveling by both car and air as needed. For each trip scheduled we are assessing which is the better value to the client based on time involved.

These are definitely unprecedented times. We want you to know that we are striving to provide the same services as before. Please let us know if you have specific needs or questions we can work to accommodate.

Call 260-407-1727 if you need immediate assistance.


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