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2014 ISFI Conference- "Electrical Arcs & Sparks" Paper by Kerry Parrott and Douglas Stahl Published

This paper co-authored by Kerry Parrott and Douglas Stahl was originally presented by Kerry Parrott at the ISFI 2014 Conference in College Park, Maryland.

This paper, "Electrical Arcs and Sparks: A Literature Review of Definitions and Their Implications in the Analysis of 12 Volt Direct Current Electrical System Fires", has three main purposes; (1) to research and aggregate the definitions of these terms and phenomena from published information, (2) to apply and compare the definitions and descriptions in terms of how they apply and vary in alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) electrical systems of different voltage levels, and (3) to discuss how these definitions and descriptions can be more appropriately used and applied to fire origin cause and determinations in the 12 volt DC electrical systems typically found in vehicles and vehicle equipment.

Click here to download a PDF synopsis of the paper.

Click here to download the full paper.


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